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Really bad dog/baby situation?

For those of you who've already answered: IT'S GOTTEN WORSE.

So we have an "untypical household"

My roommate and I are college students. She just had a baby two weeks ago. His father is in the picture, they are engaged and he comes home and helps whenever he can BUT- he works out of town for 3 weeks out of the month, and makes excellent money, so he can't find a better job closer to home.

We have two dogs, a dog that is 100% my roommate's and a dog that we all "share" but is pretty much mine. (I feed him, walk him, and he sleeps in my room.) I I have taken over all dog duties to help her out. My dog is young and a bit rambunctious and is already a bit of a handful. (He's great around the baby though!)

Ok here's the problem- since mom and I have our own dogs, dad really wants his own dog. He wants a young husky, who he is bringing home for a "test run" tomorrow. I feel that this is a bad idea because

1. Introducing a new dog into a house with a newborn seems like really a bad idea

2. I worry that the new dog and my dog will be super rambunctious together.

3. I know I will end up taking care of/training the new dog cause he's never home, and I already have alot on my plate training one dog and taking classes/working full time.

4. Our rent will increase $50, and they already struggle to make it.

5. The dog won't bond to him anyways cause he'll never be here and he's very immature and selfish, so that will bother him. He also supports the "beat the crap out of the dog" school of training. I prefer repetition with positive and negative feedback, more praised based than anything. When he is home he never takes the dogs on walks and considers half a mile a "good walk."

6. mom isn't crazy about the idea. Mom also isn't sleeping at all these days (big surprise)

7. I hate breed stereotyping, but Huskies aren't famous for being good with children, and this one has never been around newborns.

He is bringing the dog home tomorrow. I intend to voice my concerns about his dog getting enough attention and exercise, but he is like a five year old. He throws temper tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants and momma wont stand up to him. I am hoping that the dog will not like one of our dogs or will bark at baby.

Any ideas for how to beat it into his head that this is an awful idea? And really unfair to me?

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    you're right, getting this dog sounds like a massive mistake. if i were you i would flatly say no. huskies shed a lot and with 3 dogs in the house it will be unhygienic and probably smelly. there is no one to walk the dog for 3 weeks of the month and you're not living with an unexercised husky. there is no one around to train the dog and you don't want to live with an untrained dog.

    i would simply say if the dog stays you are going. you simply choose not to live in a house with 3 dogs, one who is already over excitable. you say they already have trouble covering the rent, well they can't pay it without you then and there aren't going to be people lining up down the street to live with a baby and 2 dogs. i would make the threat that if the dog stays, you go.

    i would tell the mother tonight, before her partner arrives, because hopefully you will be able to talk sensibly with her and subtly point out all the floors. when you're sitting down just say to her you've been thinking about it and you're really not happy about the idea of another dog living in the house. you're concerned about the lack of hygiene having 3 dogs around will cause, even if they are outside their hair etc will blow into the house when you open the door and if they are inside the house it will start to stink (this will make her think about the babies health too). point out that you don't want to walk 3 dogs, you've only got 2 arms so how can you control them all? she would need to walk the dog 3 weeks of the month (she's not going to like that) and it's an extra $50 you don't want to pay.

    so tell her you've thought about it and if the dog stays you're going to look for a new place to live. she'll be all like no, no, blah, blah, blah. and just say to her, i really don't want the extra stress in my life, i'm happy living here but i don't want coming home to become a nightmare for me.

    she's not going to let you go. they can't pay the rent without you and you're helping her with the dog and keeping her company while her idiot is away working. don't fight with them, don't enter into a discussion about whether the dog can stay or not, don't let her say the pros or make arguments against yours, just lay down the law, you don't want to live in a house with a third dog and you're not going to.

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    WOW this is a disaster waiting to happen. All of your points are excellent, and #5 would be it for me. He's home 1 week a month? Not a good thing.

    I'm assuming you're in a home with a yard... are all 3 of you on the lease or rental agreement? Does your agreement say anything about the number of dogs on the property? Better read the small print your answer might be there.

    If he's not going to be around than I would say NO more dogs. If he has a temper tantrum call the police. You are right another dog just might upset the whole thing and none of the dogs will like anyone including the baby. Please NEVER leave any dog alone with that baby even for one second. Many fatal accidents have happened.

    Good luck, you are going to need it.

    BTW I second that suggestion of dogs meeting on neutral territory, also take them for a LONG walk to calm the meeting down BEFORE going to the home..

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    It sounds like you have all the points taken care of. 3 dogs in a house with a newborn is a bad idea. Too bad you couldn't get your landlord to deny another dog to your house.

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    The dogs should meet first on neutral territory - Not at the house.

    Dogs and babies can get along if you teach the dog how to act right, and if you teach the child when it is older how to act right.

    "Beat the crap out of the dog "training"" - has been proven to be ineffective and dangerous.

    If you already have dogs - then introducing another dog - along with having a baby to deal with - is just a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    Look at the site in general to help you, along with what I have posted. All of the articles/links posted are different.











    Source(s): Multiple dog owner, I study and research about dogs, sites and links above, common sense.
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    I would threaten him with something then make him put the dog in a training school for a period of time, this can be done for 4 weeks. Point out every detail of whenever something goes wrong in the "test run" and afterwoulds go through them (50 times might do the trick)

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    Wow. Honestly, I'd try to move out. Living in a car sounds better than your situation. Good luck!

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