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is discharge a sign of pregnancy while using mirena?

Ive been on mirena for almost 5 months now and i have not had discharge and I should be on my period. I have not had a period and i am now beginning to discharge. What is the deal? I cant be pregnant, right?

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    Discharge is not a reliable sign of pregnancy. But if you think you may be pregnant and you're on Mirena, you need to see a doctor asap. If you really think you might be pregnant, don't wait to take a home pregnancy test. If you are pregnant it would be considered an emergency and you would need urgent medical attention.

  • Suzy Q
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    9 years ago

    I got extra discharge every month while on Mirena. This is normal. The dose of hormones in Mirena is so low that it does not block your natural cycle, even when you don't get any periods (it stops the uterine lining from growing). In parts of your natural cycle extra vaginal discharge is normal.

  • mcclam
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    4 years ago

    I were given my MIRENA IUD back in October of 2007 (I had my daughter in July) and that i'd say the cramping stopped interior of a month or so. i realized for a lengthy time period, likely a million-2 months when they positioned it in. i'm breastfeeding and nonetheless have not began my era, so i do not understand if that makes a distinction, yet i have not experienced cramping for months now. have you ever checked (your self) to work out even if it remains in position? you have to be able to experience the strings in there. i'm undesirable about no longer checking myself, I made functional to work out how that is meant to experience even as that is suitable in position by potential of checking presently when I first had it put in and back after the Dr. checked it quite a few weeks later to make functional it develop into nonetheless in position. If I were you i'd call my OBGYN contained in the morning to agenda a examine up only to be possibility-free, it ought to have slid out of position, your body will be rejecting it, or like the first poster said you'd be pregnant. have you ever began your era yet? I truly have not examine or heard some thing about the MIRENA causing cervical maximum cancers - there are a mode of distinct issues which may reason that, which contains certain STD's, relatives historic previous, etc. in any case, reliable luck, desire you experience more beneficial valuable quickly :)

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    chances of having a period while the merina is in are slim and you wont get pregnant while its in either.

    depending on the discharge you mention it is probably natual. women have discharge through out the month and it changes sometimes thick and sometimes not. if it has a bad odour its probably an infection. otherwise if you are concerned see your dr. but its probably nothing.

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  • 9 years ago

    Im not really sure, im pretty sure discharge is a sign of pregnancy, but could also be about to start your period..

  • 9 years ago

    Good questions, I wonder what kind of discharge do pregnant women get? Have you tested for pregnancy with hpt? if not test and see

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