I need a good concealer?! I will answer your question and 10 points best answer!?

It has to be WATERPROOF so when I go swimming at school it won't come off. Also, it had to be a DRUGSTORE brand. Money isn't an issue for me, but I'm in highschool and my parents can't take me anywhere to buy makeup, not enough time to order online, so I have to walk there myself. So any good DRUGSTORE concealer that id WATERPROOF?

I will answer your question and 10 points best answer!

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  • 9 years ago
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    the Revlon one is good :) its really creamy and just put a little powder over it :D

    Its about 8 dollars at Target i think (depending where you are) and it looks like a lipstick :P

    But they have good colors and tones and whatever :)

    You can looks at reviews on youtube too! :D

    Hope it helps!! :3

    Source(s): Youtube, myself, MakeupAlley
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Covergirl fresh complexion, their the best and it comes in waterproof too :) it has a blue lid and it's the size of a mascara tube. Go get it :)

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