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Does this mean I have depression?

I've been feeling very sad past couple of months... It gets to the point that I start crying every day & I never stop.. I regret stuff I did in the past & I always feel guilty. I don't feel like doing anything anymore & my grades in school are getting worse. I've never planned on killing myself, but sometimes I always think what other people's life's would be like without me. Another thing is that I always feel so low.. Like I'm not important & I feel so ugly & fat... I look in the mirror and I don't like what I see.. I stopped eating for a couple of days already.. I don't feel normal.. I don't feel like myself anymore... :(

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    Yes I think you are, being a depression patient and currently taking Anti-Deppresents that is exactly what I went through.

    I have never been bullied, never had anyone die close to me, never had anything done to me. But yet I wanted to kill myself so bad, the second I started taking Anti-DP I felt a million times better.

    I would really recommend talking to your doctor, as therapy doesn't normally help. Depression is a medical condition, and unlike being depressed which is a psychological condition.

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    Did something bad and/or tragic happen to you recently? If so, that may account for you feeling so low. But you need to talk to someone about your situation. Asking Yahoo Answers isn't going to help you. You need to speak to your school counselor/social worker and tell him/her about your issues. They are there to help you and guide you through this tough time in your life. Also, you need to eat. You'll feel sicker and sadder than you are now. Talk to your counselor about this stuff immediately and then you'll be on the right track to feeling better. Good luck!

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    Yep, that sounds like depression.

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