why are people in College?

I would like to know some reasons of students who are in coollege. What's the benefit in college?

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  • BAMF
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    9 years ago

    I get a general education so I won't seem stupid. When I graduate (Im going for a Civil Engineering degree) I will be making $60,000+ right out of college, versus making a max of maybe $20 an hour with no degree. I won't be the first person to get laid off. People without a degree are expendable because anyone can do their job, with a degree I have more value, thus make more money and don't get fired (as soon, still might happen). I will be able to retire a lot sooner (or at all) compared to someone with no degree. I will have extra spending money (goes back to higher pay check) so I won't always be living pay check to pay check and be able to live well. I will be able to get farther for my jobs because of a degree. Society in general will hold me in higher regard because I went the extra step after high school for a degree. There are also lots of girls I can easily talk to in college. The list goes on, but that is the primary basis for most of it.

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  • 9 years ago

    To get the education for their future careers. You can't become a lot of things without college! Like a teacher, librarian, doctor, etc.

    Statistics show that the more education you have the more you will make in your lifetime, so if money is a big thing college is the way to go.

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