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can a Hospital report domestic abuse on patients?

My girlfriend went to the emergency room after i hit her arm with an umbrella this morning by accident after we got into an argument she told them everything which is now on record at this hospital, we been together 6 years now and love each other enough to stay together. will they report her about the domestic abuse and to whom if she refuses to press charges against me? were both adults living together with no children.


also she decided not to be seen by the hospital was that a bad idea i told her to be seen but she dosn't wanna wait.

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    It is always a duty of a doctor to inform the police when the doctor finds that the injury sustained by the patient is not accidental but due to attack made on him/her. Now, it is important whether your wife has told the doctor that she sustained the injury due to attack made by you. If yes, certainly you may come in embarrassment. If your wife gives police complaint, the police shall take action against you. The certificate of the doctor shall be proof against you. If you really love your wife, what was the reason to attack her? Now, it is better for you to persuade your wife from not filing police complaint by asking apology and also give guarantee that you would not cause violence ever in future.

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    If it was an accident then you have nothing to worry about Anyone can file a charge anytime for assault or battery having nothing to do with the hospital. I understand your concern though, but the hospital will call for senior citizens and children under age 18.. An adult will have to file charges themselves. If you have actually lost your temper in the past I would look into professional counseling as you do not want this to happen anymore. That is probably the best way to go., and I am not judging you. I would advise her to go to hospital. It looks worse if she is not treated, plus she needs medical attention anyway, and you love her so she needs to go to hospital. I will say a prayer for you that this all works out. Kathy (registered nurse)

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    In most states, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc, are required to report abuse cases. However, since both of you are adults, if your girlfriend refuses to press charges, there will be no criminal charges. Depending on severity, you may still be questioned.

    Please, do not resort to physical harm.

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    they are required to by law

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