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I think me and my best friend are going downhill!?

me and my best friend barely talk anymore. she's sooo involved in student government at my school and doesn't even hang out with me anymore! she only sees me before and after school and the only thing she does talk about is student government! to make it worse I got cut and didn't make it into student government. she decided today that she was going to do it again next semester and I really don't know what to do! it feels like the only people she wants to hang out with are the people from sg and it's making me feel left out. she said we would always be best friends but now the only thing she does is eat sleep drink sg! help!

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    A true "Best Friend" doesn't treat their "Best Friend" this way. Given the way she treats you, is she really worth it? Try really hard, not to let her get to you. Move on without her so-called friendship & make new friends. It's wasted energy if you let her behavior get to you. She has spoken volumes when it comes to being your best friend. Word to the wise: She'll only make you feel left out, as long as YOU allow it. Life will go on without her in yours.

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    It happens all the time. As you get older you get different interests from your friends. Don't get mad at her or upset, but you need to do the same and throw yourself in to things that interest you. You will meet people who don't talk about sg all the time but instead things that you like. This doesn't mean you will stop being friends. But I have a feeling the more you spend time doing things you like with people who like it too, the less tour old best friend will upset you.

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