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any comedy-romantic anime?

Any good comedy-romantic animes?? no kiddy plots please...

Just don't include the following (only in romance+comedy anime) since i watched it already:

>Ouran High School Host Club

>Fruits Basket

> Bukoro ga ita

>La Corda d' oro

>perfect girl evolution

>Oneagai twins

>Onegai Teacher

>Nodame Contabile

>Tsubasa Chronicle

>Fate stay night

>Da CApo

>Princess Princess

>Princess Lover

>aishiteruze baby

>Zero no Tsukaima


>DN Angel

>School Rumble


>Skip Beat

>Kimi ni todoke


>Ouran Highschool CLub

>SPecial A

>yumeiro patissiere

>Lovely Complex

>kaichou wa maidsama

>itazura na Kiss


>Vampire Knight


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