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Strange Sudden Knee Pain?

I am an athlete i play volleyball practically all year round with about a month of break from school season to club and then i play softball for my high school at the same time i am finishing up club volleyball in the spring. Right now i am in school season and about 3 days ago my knee has begun to hurt really weird. When i run or try to extend it fully when i walk it feels like it is about to pop out or just crack really bad. I can still play because i don't pay attention to it while im playing but when i am warming up jogging or just trying to straighten it when i get up after practice or a game i can definitely feel it. What do you think this is and how do i get it to stop hurting? I have been diagnosed with osgood schlatters but i know how that feels and this is nothing like what that feels like when it flares up that is just a dull pain, this is like my nee is about to pop out

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    Personally, I myself have had mild symptoms of what you describe, whichmy doctor prescribed as just healthy, normal growing pains (I'm a late bloomer). Maybe take a break from sport and let it rest, you may even want a knee brace.

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