Rectangular Coordinate System?

how can you write


and x = 6 in a rectangular coordinate system if it only goes through one point ???


and two quadrants?

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  • 9 years ago
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    A rectangular coordinate system has TWO coordinates to describe each point. f(x)=4 gives ONE coordinate (y). That is one number, not one point. The other coordinate (x) can be any (real) number, making infinitely many points, which form a horizontal straight line, passing through two of the four quadrants.

    Similarly, x=6 describes a vertical line, whose y-coordinates are all real numbers, and which passes through two of the four quadrants.

    Their intersection IS a single point: the only point which lies on both straight lines; the only point with both an x-coordinate of 6 and a y-coordinate of 4.

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    properly, 3pi/4 is one hundred thirty 5 stages so the terminal component to the approach lies in quadrant 2. yet provided that r is detrimental you are able to prefer to enhance the terminal component to this approach backward during the pole, putting it in quadrant 4. to plot a component take the polar axis as a results of actuality the preliminary component to the approach, lay off the vectorial approach counterclockwise if useful or clockwise if detrimental, then degree off the radius vector on the terminal component to the approach if r is helpful or on the terminal section prolonged backward during the pole if r is detrimental. choose this enables.

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