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Girls: Can you tell if a girl likes you by the way they respond when you say hi?

I said hi to a girl who i like yesterday.

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    Um, not really all hi's sound the same 2 me.

    Oh, did u mean u want to know if this girl like u?

    K, well if she saids hi and her voice gets pitcher at the "i" or she saids it sorta "sexaley" then she probs likes u.

    If she saids hi politely that COULD mean that she finds u annoying or she likes u.

    Actually yeah, like I said all hi's sound the same 2 me.

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    A big error on the part of guys, especially me, is misinterpreting friendliness.

    I'm almost 30 and have never had a girlfriend.

    If I'm around a girl I find attractive, I act more reserved than usual.

    I guess in my mind I fear being so friendly that I end up creepy, and so I end up being a total stuck-up snob...

    The error in this is that friendliness is universally useful and desirable, and even if there is some "conflict of interest" in your mind, it pays to be as friendly as you can be to everyone... and this is what a lot of girls do...

    On the other hand, there are plenty who are like me, who... will be MORE unfriendly when they are attracted to someone...

    ...which is probably why the quiet ones always end up with the most douchy guys you can imagine.

    At some point they simply end up waiting for whoever can break the ice, and it ends up being a guy that is not much, physically.

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    I don't know.... Depends on how a girl reacts when she talks to the boy she likes. XD

    We're all different.... I mean, I personally like to say different types of hello's to everyone. I don't like the same old "Hi!"

    To my crush, I just greet him in the best way that fits the situation. :P

    I'm pretty calm and casual, and I can hide my feelings well.

    Source(s): So the answer to your question is.... MAYBE. Depending on how well you know this girl. If you don't know her at all then... NO.
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    Oh my gosh! i replace into in precisely her place a 2 years in the past! i'm not sure precisely what you gotta do, yet right this is what to no longer do: Probe regarding the present incident seem unannounced and attempting to communicate every time you notice her on facebook. the guy i replace into relationship replace right into a exciting guy, he replace into very sort and that i enjoyed conversing to him, yet as quickly as the emotional replace occurred I felt very strange regarding the him. i think incredibly undesirable every time i think of roughly it, yet I have no thought if there replace into something that he ought to do to make it extra useful. possibly purely provide her some area. appropriate needs too ya!

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    One day i said hi to a chick and she pissed herself and ran to the washroom. Later on i asked her out and she puked on me like Stan puking on South Park. I assumed she doesn't like me...

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    Yeah, all the lesbians I've met are pretty direct -_-

    I don't care what gender you are, don't tell me how fantastic my boobs look after knowing me for just a minute...

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    Yes. Unless she's crazy.

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    wrong section

    LBGT is right there ----->

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