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Cold symptoms or something more?

On the 13th day of my cycle (I average about 28 days) my boyfriend and I had protected sex, but the rest of the time we messed around. I'm afraid one of us forgot which of our hands might have had sperm on it when I was touched. I took Plan B the next afternoon for good measure. On the 15th day I started a cold that is just now ending. A few days ago I started light cramps, and today they are more noticeable. They shift from side to side and then stay in the middle of my lower abdomen. When I started the cramps I also had the urge to eat almost everything. Not weird food cravings, but just craving for food in general. That lasted about 2 days. So is this something more, or was it just my cold wreaking havoc on me? I plan to test soon, anyway. I am supposed to start October 10.


When I had food cravings, I ate a lot more fast food than I usually do, along with more soda. Could this be the food catching up with me? I haven't had a movement since I've eaten it, except for today, which seemed to make the cramping worse.

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    Wait until you have a missed period to see if you are pregnant... I mean because that is what your concern is, right? If there is a possible way that you are pregnant... wait until missed period and test.

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