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I'm "still pregnant" what exactly does that mean..?

I had some awful cramping a couple nights ago and since then my nausea/sore boobs have disappeared... i never bled, but went to Womens Reproductive Health Center for an ultrasound and asked if they were able to tel if I've miscarried and after a short pause she said "we can tell you if you are still pregnant or not." I just said Okay and had the ultrasound done and she told me "you are still pregnant." and that was it. ..could i be carrying a dead baby?? I'm so confused..

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    I would assume if the baby had died they would have told you to prepare for the miscarriage or for a D&C. By telling you that you are still pregnant, I think it is safe to assume that the baby is fine and still growing.

    Make another appointment to go back in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is ok but a loss of pregnancy symptoms is by no means anything to overly worry about.

    Good luck.

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    Still pregnant means they saw the baby's heart beating. It is not dead.

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    did u know you were pregnant? if you didnt they probably thought you did. did you hear a heart beat or anything? you should have asked questions. more than likely there is nothing wrong if they didnt tell you anything

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