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Can you skip an obstacle in the army confidence course?

Yeah I know this sounds lame, but a couple of those obstacles look a little too high for me. I read in few places online that you can skip an obstacle if you really don't feel comfortable doing it, and that a drill sergeant can not force you to do an obsticale. Is that true? Will I get kicked out of bmt if choose not to do an obstacle?

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    just hold up your stress card and tell them you need to go call your boyfriend

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    No you can't skip. You will be more scared of the drill sergeant then a damn obstacle course

    Source(s): US MARINES
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    KEY WORD 'CONFIDENCE' If you want to go to Iraq or Afghan and you have to scale a wall, your squad members will give you a funny look then explain to Squad Leaders "I didn't feel like it". I'm 5'6", not the tallest guy either but dude come on. You can't say you tried. You'll get ragged on even more if you don't try. At least you're not trying this in the Marines. CONFIDENCE MAN, CONFIDENCE.

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    Yeah, hand your drill sergeant your stress card and ask to take a break. Maybe chow down on some McDonalds...

    Hell no, you can't skip! And no, those stress cards aren't for real.

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    What part of CONFIDENCE course is throwing you off Einstein?


    Here is how it works Sally

    Bravery is nothing more than facing your fear and doing what needs to be done regardless of your fears. Simple as that.

    The confidence course is a basic way to instill confidence in your ability to face and overcome your fears. No one is shooting at you, your life isn't in danger nd you aren't responsible for your buddies life at that point

    So if you can't muster up enough testicle to climb a simple ladder I, nor anyone else, will not trust you to cover me in combat...

    I am Airborne. I served 3 years in an Airborne unit. I HATE...f*cking HATE jumping out of planes...but I did it and would do it again...because that is what was required of me as a leader and a member of my team...I hesitate at the door and let my fear take over everyone behind me is delayed and lands in the wrong spot and possibly off the drop zone resulting in injury or death...

    Your notion that Basic Training and military service is like YMCA summer camp needs to disappear

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    If you try this you have to tell me how it goes, and how long they roll you for (after making you do the obstacles anyway). If you aren't willing to do what your higher ups tell you to do, even if you think you can't, you aren't going to last very long in the military. Period.

    Source(s): Former army wife. My husband laughed out loud when he read this.
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    Those are requirements to pass bct. Good luck, not trying to be disrespectful here, but this type of attitude is exactly why the us military is being more and more pussified. Grow some balls.

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    well hell private pile just hold that red wimp card up and you can skip lol wonder when combat gets intense if these idiots hold up red cards and say i need a time out shaking my head

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    What's next? Ask the Talliban to not fight during lunch or during Sunday night football?

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