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Should the US Government give tax breaks and monetary payments for people who get their tubes tied?

Let's face it: A baby is too costly an expense in the 21st Century. It'll inevitably keep people from living an upwardly mobile life. Plus, a child is essentially a 20 year prison sentence.

Why not help people as well future economic burdens by paying adults to get their tubes tied?

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    I agree that the government should help people to pay for the cost of getting sterilized if that person wants to do so. It would save a lot in the long run as opposed to having to fund welfare for all the kids born into families that didn't want kids and/or couldn't afford them.

  • henery
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    4 years ago

    of course it extremely is. expert-government activists continuously use the main nicely known good-widespread government classes to wrestle off tries to shrink decrease back the dimensions of government even regardless of the undeniable fact that there are countless welfare classes they'd shrink decrease back with widespread help. regardless of the undeniable fact that, i do no longer think of of Californians will turn down a tax improve. Massachusetts extremely voted FOR the earnings tax very final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, so it style of feels that for the time of the time of heavily liberal states (and specific, i'm wakeful that there is a huge conservative minority in California, yet they're no longer probable to beat the thousands and thousands of imaginary voters registered by using technique of the association of community Organizers for Reform Now). as long as ACORN is around, Democrats will proceed to be in potential indoors the states with the great cities.

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    You tell me why should our government give anyone any special breaks to any of these people ?? my answer is very simple these women need to USE CONDOMS don't have babies that you know you can't afford NO MORE welfare or food stamps for these people, GET A JOB earn a living like everyone else.

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    Society might be better served to take that procedure to the starving, poverty-stricken, disease-ridden places around the world where all you see are mothers trying to feed 6 or 7 kids, while living in a refugee camp, waiting to die.

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  • rrm38
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    9 years ago

    What a brilliant idea! One question. Who's gonna fuel the government machine everyone seems to love so much when all the infertile people get old?

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    Unlike the Europeans, we don't intend to commit self-genocide for the sake of the snail darter.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Reminds me of that movie Idiocracy, responsible people waiting for the right time to have a baby.. which turned out to be never, while dumb hillbilly's were breeding like rabbits.

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    If everybody thought like that we'd die out in a couple of centuries.

    The government shouldn't be getting involved in this kind of thing.

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    Sterilization is covered in the affordable health care bill. You'll be paying for people to be sterilized as will I. It will also pay for free contraceptives and the morning after pill. If people can't afford to have children and look at them as a 20 year prison sentence, the human race is going to become extinct.

  • x x
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    9 years ago

    Always knew you were a fascist.

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