Singles & Dating (with kids)?

I'm asking in this category, because the "singles& dating" seems to be filled with middle/high school students. I'm looking for more mature opinions.

Well, I am a single mother. I'm 21, and I have a daughter who is 2 1/2. She was born three days after I turned 19. She is my life. But, I have been single for about a year and a half. It's just not easy. I miss having a companion, best friend, and lover.

I have ran into a few nice guys, but ended up that they wouldn't date me because of my daughter. It makes me feel defeated. Like my personality and character is not enough..and my daughter is a hassle to anyone I meet. We're truly great people.

I don't feel I "need" a man. It's just frustrating.

So, here's my question after ranting..

Is Anyone Else Going Through This? Do Most Men Shrug Off Single Moms As An Option?

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  • Cindy
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    9 years ago
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    Concentrate on your child and setting a good example for her, not on having relationships.

    Single parents need to focus on their children.

  • 9 years ago

    I am a single mom of 3 young boys. I have thought about dating again but it is hard. There are men out there willing to accept a single mom BUT many of those men have kids themselves but not all the time so then they expect you to leave your kids behind a lot to spend time with them. A lot of selfish men out there but there are good ones too they are just hard to find. I will talk to guys and get a feeling of how they are about the situation. If they are all about going out and having sex things like that I avoid them. My kids are more important to me than finding a man because my kids will always be my kids and they look to me to be here for them. The men usually just don't stick around. My oldest son is Autistic too so that is another big scare for many guys. They say they can handle it but then when I can't go out when they want me too it turns into a problem and suddenly I am a bad person not worth dating because my kids come first. One day you will meet Mr Right and he will love you and he will love your daughter but until then you have to become satisfied with who you are as a mother and just enjoy your daughter. Weed out the guys that are just after sex or just wanting you to be out running around with them like you are kid free, see how these guys are with their own kids if they have any. Listen to how they talk about kids in general and if they even want kids if they don't have any. There are dating sites out there that allow you to chat and you can go from there and decide if they are worth your time but no matter what you will always have to be careful and do what feels right for you and your baby girl even if that means not having a man around right now.

  • 9 years ago

    The older you get the more common if is to find someone that has children as well. Be patient you'll find the right man soon enough

  • mcclam
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    4 years ago

    i began going out with a fella 6 years in the past who had finished custody of his 2 little ones. we are now married with yet another infant we had jointly. its demanding wen the toddlers arent yours yet there must be distinct relaxing to boot. i imagine, in my opinion, it facilitates if the ex better 0.5, mum or dad, isn't round. that would look harsh or cruel yet im being straightforward. wen his ex better 0.5 develop into round she develop right into a authentic ***** telling both little ones that we wouldnt desire them wen our infant develop into born yet wasnt actual. she hasnt needed or stricken to work out her 2 little ones contained in the finest 4 years & all has been large except for some teenage tantrums that you would get besides if the toddlers are yours or no longer. in case you want this human being who a lot pass for it. reliable luck

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  • 9 years ago

    It's been harder for me to find one who I can see accepting my son. Either way, I think our focus should be on our child....I KNOW it gets lonely at times...but we shouldn't go looking. The right man will come along eventually.

    Source(s): 26 single mom with a 1 1/2 yr old.
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