Looking for some feedback!?

I'm just starting out playing covers mostly and writing a bit in my spare time. This is my youtube channel if anyone wants to give it a listen- i'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks for your time!


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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi! Just wanted to give some support and feedback. I'm a singer from New York. I think your song is very sweet and you've got lots of potential! Just remember to take good breaths when you sing to support your tone and keep you singing in tune. Also, it will help you to project your sound! :) Otherwise, keep going hun! I checked out your video and 'liked' it and commented on YouTube for ya!

    Please check me out on YouTube if you've got a minute. Comment and don't forget to subscribe! Thanks so much!


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    Source(s): Professional Singer/Voice Coach - NYC -Kayla Scott web: www.youtube.com/kaylascottmusic web: www.soundcloud.com/kaylascottmusic twitter: @kaylascottmusic
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    9 years ago

    I think you are a very very good singer you have a good pitch and can sing on key! Hope you keep singing

    ~Charlotte :)

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