How much should i charge to film a Music Video?

I just started filming Music videos. currently, i am doing them for free in order to get more experience and build up my portfolio. I filmed my first Music video last Saturday.

Heres the link:

Youtube thumbnail


With that in mind, if i started charging, how much should i charge? hourly? work done?

also, IF i had charged for the music video above, how much would that be worth?

I have more Videos coming up which I'm still doing for free, i want to get to a point where i have enough experience to tackle any situation, and genre of music.

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    9 years ago
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    At least enough so u can buy a tripod 2 get rid of the camera shake.

  • 9 years ago

    I was in the same situation not long ago, but for photography. I was taking Pictures for people then thought about charging. I didn't want to charge too much because I was not that experienced so here is what I ended up doing: When im taking pictures for someone I always say its free, but if your happy with my work I accept donations. For people I don't know I charge $50 an hour, but photo shoots sometimes only last 2 hours so for me that is $100.00 and I edit and put the pictures on a disk. Im not sure how long a music video takes to film, but keep in mind how long it takes for editing too. I would suggest looking up other people around your area and checking out there rates (some photography businesses also do video. Maybe check their rates). Then do half of what they charge or even less. Good luck and keep up the good work! Hope this helps a little.

  • Bernd
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    9 years ago

    Nice video, good use of camera and editing. Some of the night shots could have used a splash of side rim light to give the person some snap and separate them from the black of night. These new little LED lights for video are great, and there are cheapy ones at hardware stores for $10.

    Your question. Established music video directors I am sure make can thousands per day, or they may do the job for a flat rate, again thousands. But starting out you may have to find a middle ground price. Keep up the good work.

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