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New school help!!! How do I fit in!!!?

Next year i'm going from a public school to a privet school and everyone at this privet school is REALLY cool! How should I be cool too? they get lots of guys and I don't get that many guys. Its a uniform school , we all have to have mac book pros and everyone has lots of money. Anyway I can stand out and be liked?!?! PLEASE HELP IM REALLY WORRIED! P.S this is what I look like:

Thanks guys! x

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    My freshman year I started at a high school in a completely new town. My father was a single parent of 2 kids and my brother and I grew up in a trailer park. After 8th grade we moved to a more affluent town where kids grew up always having money. I was so nervous I'd never fit in to the point where going to school made me sick! I didn't know what to do to fit in, I just remained being myself and eventually gained a friend who introduced me to more friends and so on. Don't ever change to fit in! Just be yourself, put on a smile and eventually people will start to try and give the new girl a chance. Good luck to you!

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