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Girlfriend not responding to texts?

Its been all day, she has not responded. I have sent her a couple of texts but I dont wanna sound creepy or weird. Should I try calling her now? or just wait it off? Im worried I said or did something that I didnt mean. Usually she responds within like 10 min, and its been all day.... :/

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    yeye call her maybe somethings wrong just be like oh i thought something was wrong so i aclled

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    9 years ago

    Maybe she left her phone somewhere or something, I'm sure there is a silly reason.If you did something that would make her completely not talk to you for a day I feel like you would know what it was haha. You don't want to look like paranoid or overbearing. I would wait it out at least until tomorrow.

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    Text her/call her. I'm a girl, and if I'm upset with my boyfriend and don't respond to him I would like him to call me and ask me what's wrong, not just sit around and wait while I'm all upset. (: Don't worry, you won't seem creepy. It's not like you're a stranger who's texting her over and over again or calling her over and over again, you are her boyfriend, it's normal.

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