If you can travel threw space?

if you can travel from earth to where the big bang originated then traveled back to earth. would the earth still be here or would it be the past??? and traveling at the speed of neutrinos?? basically is time travel possible right now it aint cus ppl havent came here yet unless they visisted this planet at the biggining of time when ppl were dumn

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  • Mark
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    9 years ago
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    Since Time-space radiated out from a single point, every point in the universe is the location of the big bang. You don't have to travel at all since you are already there.

  • Alexis
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    9 years ago

    The Big Bang was the expansion of the universe from a singularity at its temporal origin point.

    It did not occur or "originate" in any point *in" space; it was the expansion *of* space. The idea of the Big Bang occurring at some point in space is analagous to trying to find the "center" of the surface of a sphere; it simply doesn't have one.

    "would the earth still be here or would it be the past???"

    I'm not sure what you're asking. Assuming that the universe stopped expanding right now, and you were somehow able to accelerate to a sufficient fraction of c, you *could* circumnavigate the entire universe in a matter of seconds or minutes, but only from *your* perspective. From the perspective of pretty much anyone else in the universe, it would take about 90 billion years for you to travel all the way around the universe and return to your starting position.

    It's possible that the Earth would still exist at this point in time. Humanity might, in the next thousand years or so, construct a Dysonsphere or Alexisphere (a similar construct, the details of which, other than to say that it's a *much* smaller object, I won't get into right now) around the Sun, and move the Earth somewhere safe [possibly another star system, or possibly somewhere within the Solar System, in which case it would have to be lit and heated by light transferred from the Dysonsphere/Alexisphere to a shell constructed around the Earth {this would, of course, obviously also have to include a refueling of the Sun from some other source of hydrogen, either a red dwarf or some hydrogen still remaining in either the Milky Way or an intergalactic void, but this is another issue entirely}] to retain as a sort of museum or historical/ecological preserve. Whether it would resemble the Earth as it exists *today*, however, is a highly dubious prospect.

    "and traveling at the speed of neutrinos?"

    Neutrinos travel at almost the speed of light.

    "basically is time travel possible right now"

    Time travel into the *future* is possible. We're all doing it every second of every day. *Accelerated* travel into the future is possible by accelerating yourself to a significant fraction of c. This would result in time dilation, meaning that time would flow very slowly for you, which is why you would be able to travel 90 billion light-years, the circumference of the entire universe, in only a few seconds or minutes (from *your* perspective, remember).

    "it aint cus ppl havent came here yet unless they visisted this planet at the biggining of time when ppl were dumn"

    The Earth didn't exist at the beginning of time. Only a highly-concentrated amount of energy in an incredibly small volume of space. The Solar System, including the Earth, didn't form until about nine billion years after Time Zero.

    You may want to clarify what you mean by this last part. I'm at a loss.

  • 9 years ago

    Uh...The answer you're seeking "is hypothetical" as is your question....so here's a hypothetical answer....It would be "in the past"...and "You would not be able to interact" with anything biological or leave any trace elements to be found at a later date. The hypothesis is it's own enemy here. No Time travel is not possible right now as far as humans are concerned and you already answered your own question.....however if you could go back in time somehow it might be possible to travel forward from where you arrvied at because you would have the advantage of technology on yourside to begin with and that's your only best bet......still not a given though...statistically possibility though.

  • 9 years ago

    Before the Big Bang it's been assumed that there was no "where," i.e., no space. That means that the Big Bang itself created the first space, and from that it follows that it had no location to which one can travel.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Some people get space sickness when they travel threw space.

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