Cannot get 1week old to fall asleep in crib.?

The past two days he will only fall sleep in my arms and I don't want him getting use to that as its clearly will be a bad habit to break , any tips as to how I can deal with this?

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  • 4Red
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    9 years ago
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    Holding a week old baby for him to go to sleep is a bad habit!?!

    There is nothing wrong with holding your child and showing them as much love and security as possible.

  • 9 years ago

    First off he is a newborn use to sleeping inside you there is no rush to push him to sleep alone in a crib. Do you have a bassinet that maybe he could be in feel a little more snug in there and you can keep him closer to you. Just a side note babies need the extra love and attention and crave being held more because that is how they bond with you its not even possible to spoil a baby and when they are held a lot as infants then they do learn to trust you and in time they won't want to be held so much but they will let you know when they need you. Don't rush things babies grow up fast enough, they even have many studies out there you should read on baby wearing and how many cultures actually do it because of the bonding and the trust it builds.

  • 9 years ago

    Ok keep on getting him to sleep in your arms. Also with my son I had to let him sleep in bed with me for alittle while, then had to put him in a play pen next to me and also he had to sleep in a swing. i tried in a crib and some babies just dont go for it for some reason to their at least 4 or 5 months old then get them in the crib. i wont spoil them at all expecially this young. I had to do all those things to my son to he was at least 4 months old or alittle older then I put him in his crib. he had altitle trouble at first but after a night or two he never had any other problem besides sleeping in a play pen when we went some were. He loves his crib now and he is almost a year. So go head and get him asleep in the your bed or your arms then when he is ready then go for the crib.

  • Andy
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    9 years ago

    I had the same issues with my son and he ended up sleeping in his carseat until he was 6 monthes.:/ He wouldn't sleep flat on his back no matter what we tried,and we tried everything.

    I suggest a tight swaddle so he feels secure, padding his crib with some lightweight, thin blankets so it's not so rigid and hard feeling (just make sure the blankets can't come loose and harm him when he starts to move around in his sleep); also, I suggest investing in a sleep positioner for more security, and putting something that plays soothing bedtime music so he doesn't feel so alone, and also putting one adult pillow with no cover in there to sit him up a bit; it helps him breathe and makes him feel more secure.Sleeping alone, infants need security security security, because they're unfamiliar with the wide openess of the world yet.

    Oh and one other thing that helped with my son and still does, is putting one stuffed animal in the crib with him, so he feels like he has a companion. My son sleeps daily with this little Haitian Hope Doll that my mom got for him; it's a little yarn and stuffing doll with no arms and legs, just a body and head. He cuddles with him and plays with it and now, he can sit in his crib by himself and just chatter and play away with the thing; it was a godsend for us.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My daughter was the exact same up until 4 weeks when i finally managed to get her in her moses basket! She's 8 weeks now and in her cot but every now n again she still has to come in my bed with me!

    There is no possible way to spoil a newborn! At this moment in time you're baby is really young and itd fine!

    Give him a bit more time to feel completely settled, safe and trusting of the fact u will NOT leave him and then he will happily settle in his cot or basket etc!

    I found at first my daughter was too untrusting to get into a deep enough sleep so she awoke everytime i put her down but she's fine now!

    Once he gets used to the fact u always come back he will feel more at ease and get in a deeper sleep that u will be able to put him down in! I know its hard at first hun but its completely normal! Don't worry :)

  • 9 years ago

    Seriously... Okay first of all, it has been proven in studies that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to spoil your children when they are younger than six months. He has no idea how to comfort himself and he is looking to you for that.

    Secondly, that is a sweet little baby that has been sleeping inside of you for the past 9 months. This world is a cold and scary place compared to where he had been. If he wants to cuddle then by all means let him cuddle. You will be missing that very soon I guarantee it.

    But if these reasons dont sway your cold way of thinking then I suggest that you google how to swaddle your baby so it will trick him into thinking that someone actually will hold him.

  • 9 years ago

    I would say he is way too young... but you just need to keep patient when you start the process. It can take weeks before he feel comfortable and safe in his crib alone. My baby slept with me the first 6 weeks because of the same issue (also, My fiance and I couldn't sleep at she slept in the middle and that's how we all slept well)

  • david
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    9 years ago

    What's wrong with needing to be held? And getting USED to being held? Don't you want your baby to trust you and feel safe and secure and comforted and loved and well cared for ? We co-slept for 7 months, then started again at 12 months for another couple of months because we missed it so much. It's a wonderful bonding time for you and baby. (of ifyou don't care so much, at least consider it for baby because it's definately bonding time for him)

    Also, if you wear him in a sling all day (cooking, cleaning, shopping, going for walks) it's incredibly good for their physical, mental, and emotional development. This is what nature intended. And contrary to what you have mistakenly stated here, the more you hold your baby now, the less you have to when they are older because they are just so darn happy and confident all the time.

    sorry if this sounds harsh but it breaks my heart to hear questions like this.

  • 9 years ago

    My was the same way. I ended up sleeping sitting up every night for a couple weeks. But i just eneded up letting him sleep with me. now he will sleep in his crib no problem and usually doesnt wake up when he is in his crib

  • 9 years ago

    i think your baby is still too young to get used to falling alseep in your amrs i would put her to sleep in my arms then id put her in bed with me i slept with my baby in my bed until she was 2 months and then i began placing her in her crib but i would still let he fall alseep in my arms and eventually began just letting her lay in her crib and letting her fall asleep by herself =] so dont worry bout that at the moment just enjoy the time your have with ur newborn cuz believe me they grow up way to fast =[

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