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why does my stomach hurt every time i finish eating?

every time when my grandma makes food like around 5pm.I always tempt to eat like around 6pm.And out of sudden every time i eat food i always have stomach pains but i sometimes think its because i eat to much today at 6pm i ate a lil portion of food and suddenly in 5 minutes after i start getting this pain in my stomach..someone please help me out and let me know whats wrong with me ..thank you

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    Simple. You eat too much.

    OR, you could have a stomach ulcer, but then why not at lunchtime or breakfast time? Psychologically at 6 pm your stomach is getting ready to hurt, so even a little bit of food will do it.

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    it can be a variety of things from a bacteria to chrones disease if it continues I recommend seeing a gastroentrologist (stomach doctor)

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