songs songs songs?!??!!?!??!?!?

in need of some new songs, i'm looking for any bands that are similar to arcade fire, metric, stars, etc..

thanks for the help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hey there. You may like all those little indie twee bands. Try..

    - Phoenix's entire Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album. Or if you want songs in specific, try "1901", "Lisztomania", and "Rome" (my personal favorite)

    - MGMT

    Start off with Oracular Spectacular for an album, then to their 2nd Congratulations album.

    SIR(songs I recommend): Time to Pretend, Electric Feel, Kids (the top 3 MGMT starter off songs)

    Then progress to The Youth, Flash Delirium, and It's Working

    - The Strokes

    Really love these guys.

    For an album, Is This It is considered one of the best albums of the Noughties. But for songs..

    SIR: Reptilia, Under Cover of Darkness, New York City Cops, Last Nite

    - Best Coast

    Good song by them is "Boyfriend".

    - Wavves

    Good song by them is "King of the Beach".

    - The Killers

    I like Hot Fuss for a starter album. For songs..

    SIR: When You Were Young, All These Things I've Done, Mr. Brightside, Read My Mind

    Hope you enjoy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Try Skillet.

    Listen to their song "hero" or "comatose" or "those nights" to try n get a feel for them then explore more.

    Unless you like sad songs better then try "Lucy" or "never surrender" or "don't wake me"

    they have tons of songs for diff moods/situations

  • 9 years ago

    You're So Right by The Strokes

  • 9 years ago

    The new blink 182 album is sick, give it a try

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    9 years ago

    i dont know any of those of those music groups, but linkin park is goooood!!! :D

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