how did the boundaries of north america change after the french and indian war ?

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    Britain gained Canada (Quebec, Great Lakes, Maritimes), Acadia and Florida.

    France only kept the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

    Spain gained (Louisiana).

    Elsewhere Britain gained all of French India.

    PS The wars' proper name in the 7 Years War (for some reason USA calls it the French/Indian War), it was one of the biggest in history.

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    The French and Indian warfare develop into the 9-year North American financial ruin of the Seven Years' warfare. The conflict resulted contained in the British figuring out to purchase Canada, even as Spain received Louisiana (New France) in repayment for its lack of Florida to the British. French administrative presence in North u . s . a . develop into very nearly thoroughly bumped off and the Aboriginal human beings of North u . s . a . were decimated, pacified, or moved farther west. French and Indian warfare interior u . s . a . The British Conquest or warfare of the Conquest in Quebec and Ontario The Seven Years' warfare in France, Britain, and Canada even if scholars, which contains Fred Anderson, in many circumstances confer with all sides of the conflict because the Seven Years' warfare, the conflict is traditionally called the French and Indian warfare interior u . s . a ., as a results of the undeniable fact that is taken under consideration from the attitude of British American forces struggling with adverse to French forces and their Algonquin and Huron allies in North u . s . a .. (British and British American forces had allied with the Iroquois.) In Britain, France, and Canada, the designation French and Indian warfare is type of unknown: English Canada, France, and Britain oftentimes confer with the warfare because the Seven Years' warfare (1756–1763), relationship the warfare no longer from the initiating of truly struggling with in North u . s . a ., yet really from the authentic assertion of warfare in Europe. Quebecers confer with it both as l. a. Guerre des sept ans and the Guerre de l. a. conquête (warfare of the Conquest) because it really is the warfare in which New France develop into conquered by potential of the British and became area of the British Empire. because of Quebec provincial regulations on Canada-Quebec historic previous curriculum in severe college, Anglo-Quebecers also confer with it because the warfare of the Conquest. In Ontario, that is now gradually more beneficial often called "The warfare of the Conquest," or only "The Conquest." In Britain, that is only known because the biggest theatre of the Seven Years' warfare.

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