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origami question!!! related to "gumby"?

I was just wondering if you could make an origami "gumby". I really like "gumby" and think he is cute so can someone please tell me if you can make and origami "gumby" if you don't know what "Gumby" is than just search "gumby"on Google. Please help i really want to know how to make one. If there is a website that teaches you how to make a "gumby" please make a link. :)

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    I'll bet you can find out how to make a Gumby if you look hard enough for it! Origami is no longer simple, folded pieces of paper, but have become complex pieces of art. I recently saw these origami items in an email: a dragon, Yoda, a city that took 4 years to make, a swan made from 500 pieces of paper, Iron Man, a six-foot alligator, a working 4-stroke engine (over 1,900 pieces of paper), characters inspired by Lord of the Rings, and many other almost unbelievable items.

    Google these two artists to see their work and you can probably click on links in their sites to see others. You could also Google "Origami Artists"

    Wataru Ito

    Michael LaFosse

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