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can someone tell me about Jews in Palau and Samoa?

Virtual Jewish library tour Larry Miller ;palau

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  • connie
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    9 years ago
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    There is a small Jewish community in Palau. In 2009 it sent 3 members to the 18th Maccabiah Games.

    Less than ten Jews live in Palau, with a few more that are half-Jewish. Most of the population, including the Jews, are involved in the tourism industry, a major part of the country’s economy. One Israeli family lives in Palau, Navot and Tova Bornovski; together they own and manage a dive shop. The most recognized Jew in Palau is Larry Miller, Associate Justice on the Palauan Supreme Court.

    Anti-Semitism is non-existent on the islands and the government tends to regularly vote with Israel in the United Nations. Almost all Palauan recognize the right of the State of Israel and proclaim support for the country. This support stems from their view of Jews as God’s chosen people. Israel was the first non-Pacific nation to declare diplomatic relations with Palau at its independence in 1994. Furthermore, Israel quickly favored Palau’s admission into the United Nations and offered economic aid. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has sent convoys of fisheries and agricultural exports to Palau to help train the local population. Israel maintains an Embassy in the capital, Koror.



    Religion in Samoa encompasses a range of groups, but nearly 100% of the population of Samoa is Christian. Although there were no official data, it is generally believed that there are also some practicing Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews in the capital city.

    Taito Phillip Field was born in Apia in 1952 of Samoan, Cook Islands, Jewish American, German and perhaps English descent. His Jewish grandfather David Field came to Samoa as a Judge, two or three generations back, in the 1800s. The Cook Islands connection is to the Apai Framheim family – and to the Apai family which has Tahitian connections.

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  • henery
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    4 years ago

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