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If you have a mental illness do you worry about people judging you based on it?

If so have you had experiences that have taught you that people will be cruel or not understand what you are going through?

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    Well, my friend has clinical depression and an other mental illness that I cannot recall the specific name for at the moment, and yea, he does sometimes get snickered at, but he doesn't really get bullied for it. Most people are actually really sympathetic and caring to him. Though I guess what I can say is, there will always be cruel people to laugh at you, illness or not. So just ignore the cruel ones and lead your life proudly. :3 ....That sounded really cheesy...but it's true!

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    Yes, I believe I do have schizo

    The thing about me having it, is that I think that I cover it up (try to hide it from my self) more than anything. The fact of knowing I'm not right will ruin my life. I want to have a normal life and have kids, sometimes it's hard.

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    yes, i have severe ocd and possible anorexia (bmi of 15.7)

    at my worse with ocd i would constantly retrace my steps and bash myself in the head (not because i was emo or trying to kill myself but because i had this comulsive need to bash out the bad thoughts).

    my parents would constantly scream at me because i couldn't stop washing my hands with the dishwashing liquid and all the girls at school thought i was a psycho.

    even now i feel people judge me, my mum treats me like a retard and lectures me on everything on how i eat to my signature. honestly i feel an undying disgust for myself

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