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what is the monthly average on house repairs?

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  • deb s
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    9 years ago
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    That is going to depend on the age of the house. the age of each of the systems

    I save 10% of my mortgage amount for repairs. It averages out over the course of a year. Most months I don't use it...then some months I get a big repair job.

    I plan for capital items in this manner:

    I know a roof is going to cost $15,000. so..since my roof in 10 years old and a new roof have a life of 25 years.. I have 15 years to save for it. I put away $80 a month for that future repair.

    I know a new furnace costs $3500. with a life of 15 years.............


  • Kerry
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    9 years ago

    you've left out details....

    where is located? how old is it? whats the sq footage?...what shape is it in?

    all these come into play to arrive at a proposed figure......only you can answer it

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