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How to determine what is causing stress / anxiety?

Hello, about a week ago for the first time in my life I started having anxiety and panic attacks almost every night since. During the day everything is under control and I'm a happy social guy running around town, doing stuff. At night however, when I get home and have nothing to due, I'm usually overwhelmed with the feeling of hopelessness, even though my life is going great right now. I also get panicy feelings in my stomach throughout the night that sometime develop into panic attacks or just go away.

I have absolutely no idea what is causing my stress or anxiety, I have no idea. Sometimes I feel like these emotions and feelings aren't even mine, as in they shouldn't be happening based on how my life is going. I laugh all the time throughout the day and socialize a lot in my college classes. I did just start college, but it is great.

Is there any way I can get all of this to go away? Hypnosis to find out what it is? I do not want to take any form of drug to help what's going on, absolutely not an option, I'm opposed to the thought of artificial, temporary fixes.

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    Yes, hynosis can help, especially hypnoanalyse.

    Yet as this is new to you, like the other answer, start by talking to others. Look at what was different about the last few weeks, even the small stuff. If it is anxiety based there will be a trigger in there somewhere.

    It may even be worth going to your doctors for a general check up, make sure you have no minor ailments, get bloods checked etc. Also look to if you food/drink habits have changed - especially near bed time. Any routine changes at all.



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    Hypnosis is like an extreme solution. You don't start with hypnosis.

    Start by talking about it with a trusted friend or advisor. Try to talk about it with this friend for at least a few minutes every single day for the next few weeks. Only you can figure it out. Talk about it, think about it, analyze it.

    If that fails, and if the symptoms are really bad, go seek professional help.

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