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Was my teach being rude?

Last semester, I took a college class. At the end of the semester, I had asked the teacher politely: "Do you still happen to have my last chapter homework assignment by any chance? If you have it, I can come and pick it up from you? Thank you."

My professor wrote back, saying: "NO, I DO NOT".


This "communication" was done via email.

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    The older generation, especially those raised in the early days of e-mail, often does not recognize all caps as rude and consider it fast and efficient. Could be an old habit. If he's a younger person, then he may be being rude or copying someone he respected who was older.

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    9 years ago

    Well him writing in caps was rude.

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    Welcome to reality where the world is infested with a lot of rude people. People suck. Get over it.

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