How does science help technology?

I need to do an essay on how science helps technology. I would like information about how it makes computers, phones, cars, and other everyday technological items work.

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  • 9 years ago
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    technological advances rely heavily on an understanding of what makes a product work or perform the way it does. A car for instance, is improved by making it more fuel efficient, scientific studies on composite materials will reveal lighter weight metals, studies on energy transfer will help design engines that make optimum use of the power they create. studies on aerodynamics will dictate the shapes and surface materials.

    Phones were once cans with strings attached, they work on the principal that your voice in a can caused a vibration along the string. That was a scientific discovery. now of course, scientists in the micro-electronics fields are figuring out how to fit the power of a super computer into a palm sized multi function device.

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