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Does this make me a slut? Help please!?

I'm the new girl in school, I'm a junior. I've made plentiful if friends... Especially guys... Anyways this guy and I became friends and I'm was kind of physically attracted to him ONLY. So trying to make myself not easy, we (him & I and a couple of friends) go chill... 2 weeks passed and we hold hands I tease him and act like I'm gonna kiss him... Another week passes we kiss... Haha another week passes and we finally makeout... Hey guess what? 2 weeks pass by and I finally allow the groping, yeah the week thing is kind of my game plan to keep him interested, BUT he's not the type I would date & I kind of wanna keep him a secret. When we do stuff, kiss and etc.. It just me and him, my friends don't even know! But yeah I don't want anyone to know and if it just happens to come out does this make me a slut? I'm not planning on having ANY sort of sex with him, just kissing & groping. I don't even sext with him because I'm afraid he'll show his friends.


Note: he is a player, no harm to him emotionally at all is happening in the making.

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    kinda does.

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