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why do you make friends?

there's this guy in my class of the same race which is why we know who each other are but we never talk. idk if i should talk to him though..why doesn't he just talk to me first. i think we are both intimidated by each other's looks

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    Let me tell you from a man's point of view. It will be so easy for him to talk to you if you give him a sign. Say hello and greet him first. His confidence will increase to talk to you and you'll see how much he'll have to say. He may be shy and want you to make the first move. Being that I told you make the first move. Try're gonna get good results

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    In sparsely settled areas friendships/acquaintances are made because at some time help will be needed, and that is understood. But the primary need is companionship. Not just between sexes either. That's also why we have pets.

    Same thing applies in densely settled areas, but strangely, the connections don't happen as easily. Maybe because there are more strangers and more possibilities for good or ill, one becomes more cautious.

    In the Western societies, it is acceptable now for a female to initiate a conversation in public with a slight acquaintance, with the purpose of getting better acquainted with each other.

    There may be ethnic/religious reasons why he limits his contacts, or has not talked yet to you. There is no way of knowing without input from mutual friends, or simply by talking with him.

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    Why do I make friends? To under-do the large amount of enemies. I have heaps of people who hate me because I'm weird and have a sick sense of humour. eh?

    To talk to someone, just when (maybe around your friends) say Hi and smile or something.

    I don't exactly understand the question. I answered the title, yerp. I answered the description, yerp. But if so, are you just wanting to be friends with him because he is the same race? I got friends turkish, vietnamese, aboriginal, african. Race doesn't matter. Just saying.

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    i dont think race really matters unless you or the other person is racist.

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    This question made me laugh, and I don't know why.

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