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What bands do you hate?

Here are a few of my most hated; Green Day, Nickleback, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, et cetera. Basic shitty stuff that everyone else worships.


saying that Green Day has been around for a while means nothing to me. ..since most of the music I listen to is before the mid nineties.

They're generic and always have been.

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    Nirvana, I always thought they're the most overrated rock band of all time, they took the fun out of rock 'n roll and made it sad and depressing

    I also can't stand U2 from the mid 80s onward

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    Attack! Attack!- Crabcore enough said.

    Cannibal Corpse- Without Chris Barnes I don't see anything special about CC. Are they that bad of a band? No. I just get tired of hearing about them as if CC is the only Death Metal.

    Disturbed- This band here is a drop-tune away from being Nickelback. Not to mention all of their music sounds recycled.

    Five Finger Death Punch- A band I hear children calling "the best metal band ever". The lyrics this band comes up with are atrocious and juvenile. This nu groove metalcore band is somehow making a major impact on (false) "metalheads" everywhere. How? Well people seem to have a thing for whiny vocals, mediocre riffs, and teen angst. However, I do not. :)

    Godsmack- Alice In Chains ripoff.

    Limp Bizkit- This band mixes hard rock, hip hop and teen angst all on one disc. Wes Borland is the only thing decent this band had to offer yet, Fred Durst still managed to sell millions of records. How could I not dislike Limp Bizkit?

    Linkin Park- They follow the same formula as Limp Bizkit. Sheep Rock for the masses.

    Mushroomhead- A band similar to Slipknot that whines about how they were wearing masks first. The music sucks even more than the garbage Slipknot puts out so they make my list of bands I really dislike.

    Sepultra- I might get flamed for this one lol. I believe this band is not that great. They had what two good albums? Two good albums that really weren't that great.

    Torsofuck- This band is pure sh*t. Uninspiring noise that calls itself "Brutal" Death Metal or Pornogrind. Go check them out you probably will agree.

    Honorable Mentions-

    Creed...& all the Eddie Vader clones

    Fallout Boy & all the punk wannabes

    Nickelback & all of their clones

    Slipknot & all the Korn clones

    All That Remains & most metalcore/mallcore bands

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    I think everyone has their own taste with music.

    I don't just listen to "Bands"....but I listen to solo artist, groups....boybands (YES, I do)....and youtube artist.

    unfortunately I think regardless of who the band/musical artist is...people are gonna worship them. It's super sad, and i dont want to judge you in any way, but i bet you have done it to some degree in your life.

    I am a super huge fan of Simple Plan, the Backstreet Boys( yess...I am), Jim Brickman, Don Moen and many other artist.

    I used to kinda follow those people and others around a little when I was younger. people do that. Some people kind of make them their god....which is dumb. I never did though. But people REALLY get into music and others lives and whatever.

    So yeah, you hate those groups you listed above....but who said you had to listen to them? people probably dislike the stuff you listen to greatly as well.

    It's not a big deal and i really wanted to comment. that is all.

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    AC/DC, they seem to put little emotion in their songs and I know that's the point but I still don't like it.

    I think Bon Jovi, Kiss and Guns 'N Roses are awful with exception of a few songs.

    I don't like Aerosmith (but hate isn't a right word, I actually think they're really good, just not my thing.)

    And now for my most hated band, I hate The Culture Club more than any other band, they're the only band to make me physically ill.

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  • Saboo
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    Pearl Jam

    Limp Bizkit

    Good Charlotte


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    Hey there.

    I don't hate bands themselves (unless you're in a band called brokenCYDE. That's the worst of the worst, and I truly hate them.), but the reason why people usually "hate" bands is because of the fans. Think about it - if Green Day and Nickelback didn't have all those people loving them and they had like, what, 100 fans? I think you would think differently of them. You wouldn't "hate" them. People have the misconception of "hating" bands when in reality they truly hate the fans of the bands.

    Some band fans I dislike:

    - Black Veil Brides

    - nevershoutnever

    - Bring Me to the Horizon

    - A Day to Remember

    etc. etc.

    Otherwise, I respect all bands. Not necessarily the fans.

    Source(s): good people, good influences, hope this helped.
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    properly the band I hate the main is cute Is What We objective For as a results of fact the lead has the main stressful voice usual to guy and the songs are dumb and nonsensical plus they are in basic terms too poppy for my flavor, pop is high-quality in small doses yet they pass over the appropriate, yet what somewhat grinds my gears approximately they is that ppl easily love them and their whiny and unusual-sounding lead and that i in basic terms don't get why (although their followers might ask your self why do i hate them.....<_> touche!)

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    Most of the mainstream **** today, but I really hate The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Disturbed.

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    Black eyed peas- made a statement early on about not selling out, then became a dance-pop group. What? I almost think they just want to see how far they can go while still making money

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    Avenged Sevenfold

    Black Veil Brides (I only like one song)

    Linkin Park were good but now they're ****.

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