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period question, no one is answering.?

I don't have a completely stable period, but I take the patch, every week you change it. and the 3rd week you completely take it off and thats when you have your period, its only been like a month since I started it. me and my boyfriend DID have unprotected sex on my ovulation dates. so it was time for my to take off my patch, i've been waiting to get my period, i took that patch off last sunday and now it's friday and i haven't even had cramps.

i'm kinda worried.

but my period never starts on an exact date. so do you think maybe its my messed up period. or should i rush to take a test, usually my period starts around the 4 days that its supposed to, but it didnt.

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    it takes ~30 days for any type of BC to work (that includes changing the type of BC) so since it was only about a month and unprotected around time of ovulation it could be a possibility of pregnancy. however any type of BC will influence your period so more than likely your period is late because of the patch. if you're worried go ahead and take the test:I tested @ 10 dpo and got my BFP :) if you wanna test that early use a 1st response/accuclear as those pick up the HCG hormones a lot faster :)

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    If it is really worrying you, you should probably take a home pregnancy test. But if you can, I would wait another day or two. You said your periods are a little irregular and the stress may be affecting your cycle as well.

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    To be sure wait two weeks after you had sex and take a digital test--it could be your period is irregular but a test won't hurt to ease your mind.

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    It never hurts to take a test. If it comes back negative, try again later if your period still hasn't come when it was supposed to.


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