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dorsal headaches during sexual encounters?

Starting last saturday (today is thursday night), I got a huge headache. This continued through sunday and monday, and dwindled throughout the rest of the week. I noticed this came back during a sexual encounter on wednesday night and then during masturbation a few hours ago. headache pills and other pain relievers don't seem to help. it just goes away on it's own. It is specifically in the back of my head. Is this something I should worry about? or should i wait a little longer to see it if goes away? can anyone explain this with a little background check? thanks so much! 10 pts best answer.



Thanks Sam- i forgot to mention that it is just increased blood flow in general; I noticed it when i worked out on monday night, but it went away about 20 minutes into the workout. Thanks!

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    eric, the headaches are probably not directly related to your sexual

    activities, either with a partner or solo. i am not a doc, but i am guessing

    that like any other exercise that makes your blood flow more strongly,

    it may have to do with high blood pressure.

    do you get these headaches when you walk briskly, ride your bike,

    play sports, and so on? if so, that would confirm my theory.

    i would be a little worried that pain relievers don't help, and i would ask

    your doc about that. you don't have to mention the sex, just the headaches.

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