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I just got home and found everything in my house was stolen?

And replaced with exact replicas. Except for the Renoir.

Should I report it?


Zeke, me too.

Update 2:

David. Haha, always one dumb dub in the crowd. What can ya do?

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    I hate it when that happens...

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    Yes you should call your local Law Enforcement agency and report the incident. Even if you do not want a report at least call the Police/Sheriff's Department and advise them of the incident. This way they can do an extra watch in your area.

    Source(s): Deputy Sheriff
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    Hellyeah report that **** and think of someone you know because obviously they knew you to know the stuff you have not like they have the right stuff as replicas with them aall the time

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  • 9 years ago

    yES report it! its always best to report somethin even if you dont plan on charging something becuase if you find out later who did it and you never reported it than theres nothing you can do

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