Help with a song? o:?

Okay, so basically the usual story.

My boyfriend cheated on me the first month we were together and I forgave him beside I found out like 3 months later anyway.

He showed me change and has done SO much for me I could never repay him.

We were planning to move out together next month, when he turns 18.

I'm pregnant.

I found out that just the other day, he cheated on me with some girl I actually knew from school last year.

There's no way in heck I could ever be with him again, me and my baby deserve much better. I'm going to confront him along with breaking up with him and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good rap songs about cheating and being done with a person.

Any other genres will work too but preferably rap. Please comment with any you know of, thanks so muchh! : )

2 Answers

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