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Pottermore opening......... in Australia?

I live in Australia and I was planning to stay up tonight to register for Pottermore as it's going to be October 1st tomorrow. Will Pottermore registration be open if I go to the website after 12:00 tonight even though I'm in a different timezone? (Australia is 1 day ahead than the US). THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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    it was announced that it will open to the public a the END of October :( and then you will have to wait up to a few months for the verification email (depending on the demand).

    i live in australia i had an account when it was open to selected people. and then the whole site crashed on my laptop and it skipped and put me in hufflepuff, Im not happy and am waiting for it to open to the public to i can reset. Waiting sucks :(

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    Just wanted to let you know that Pottermore has never stated that they are opening on October 1. They have only ever said that they will be opening sometime in October.

    With the way things have gone in the beta phase, I think it is highly unlikely that they will open on October 1. There are still many issues that need to be resolved before the site goes live.

    EDITED TO ADD: It's official. Pottermore is not opening on October 1. Read more at

    Source(s): Pottermore Beta User
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    I know how you feel

    it is 5:00 october 1st and it won't let me in

    I am soooo devastated i am like literally balling my eyes out. this was meant to be the day I got into pottermore and was sorted into griffindor and begin my online addiction to this site.

    I'll keep trying everyday in october though

  • Pottermore, doesn't go with the US time. It goes with the UK time.

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