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How to surprise 3 1/2 year old son?

I am currently overseas in Afghanistan and will be returning home for the holidays and want to surprise him. He will be at daycare when I get back. His mom doesn't know that I will be returning home early either. The only people that know is her family and friends and my family and friends. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    ^ do something like that

    hang up paper starting from the door leading to the backyard with just arrows, she'll be curious and follow them, and you can be waiting for her in the backyard with flowers and such. make sure the papers with arrows on them aren't too spread out, make sure she sees every single one.

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    You could call your friends an tell one of them to take your wife out some place she loves while another sets up a surprise home coming,with lots of snacks an stuff,an invite them all,when she comes home an your son,they will see you an the party,like the show surprise homecoming on tlc,about people in the army,navy,etc coming home

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    thats a tough one since hes so young. i would pick him up early from daycare and then supprise the mom with him in your arms that way yall can all reconnect together

    and thanks for all your work overseas and service for this country. your a hero in many eyes

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    Wrapping your self in a large container is a attractive theory! Or knock on the door and function him answer. Wake him up contained in the morning, or be sitting on the settee even as he comes down. Will he be in college that day? pass %. him up. i wager that is determined by what time you'd be homestead. thanks!!!! So chuffed you'd be homestead which includes your relatives for the holidays this year.

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  • Show up at his daycare as a special talk/host/...person?

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    9 years ago

    thats so sweet :) i think the fact that they don't know you are arriving hime, will be enough of a suprise. just walk in all casually and say "hi hun". so cute of you

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