value of a 500 gold ring?

I'm planning on buying a gold ring around the price of 500to600... I'm just wondering about how many k's of cold should it be when's its around that price? And yess a real ring lol.. and if it has. Diamond on it about how big would it b?? Any help b great thanks


Yeah, thanks Rick b. I kinda knew that much just lookin to see if there are any new tricks but I got I understand. Yeah I buy a lot of sterling silver but also yeah its not very expensive at 500.. anyways thanks a lot I will b attending a pawn shop in Nevada. There's no taxes out there so I was just seeing if I could get something heavier out there then in California.

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  • Rick B
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    9 years ago
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    How many ks?!?!!? Most rings in America are 14kt gold. Telling us it is 500 tells us nothing. Wed need to know the weight and price to guess. You can easily tell though. Look inside the shank. It will most likely say "14k" or "14kt".

    In the UK, most gold is 18 kt.

    How big would the diamond be? Not very large at that price, bu again, there OS no way to know. It could be a very very flawed stone with a horrible cut and ugly color an could be large. Or it could be a perfect diamond and only be a few points.

    I sound like you really need to learn a bit before you buy any jewelry. Ther are lots of books, and the more jewelry stores you shop, an the more questions you ask, the more you will learn.

    There are srveral factors th go into diamond pricing including the cut, the quality, the size, and the clarity. Learn about them.

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