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Help! 10 points best answer! Tank water milky cloudy?

I had 2 mollies, one gave birth and the water is super cloudy milky? i recently did a water change/ gravel vacuum/ filter swap.

Why is the water cloudy. how to get rid of it? is it ok or will it harm fish? also i returned the mollies and bought a breeder to raise young.

I ant to get red belly x ray fish and xray catfish.

how many should i stock and when.

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    Basically you stirred up a lot of crap when you vacuumed. You got some out and you stirred up the rest through the water. If you have a food filtration to gallon ratio it should clear quickly.

    Vacuum more often or do a better job, one or the other. Then it won't be so bad.

    Good Luck!

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    If you stirred up the rocks on the bottom, that may be why its cloudy, or maybe the filter hoses are not hooked up right and its not filtering the water out of the tank. I had that happen once, no, it did not hurt the fish, just looked awful.

    Make sure everything is hooked up and running right, then it should just settle down in a couple days.

    Do you have a cleaner fish, I don't know how to spell it, but, I have a picassamos fish and it cleans the rocks very well. But, when I try to catch a fish and hit the rocks, or change the filter and the pipes move those rocks, the water gets cloudy. Just make sure all is running and hooked up right and it will clear in a couple days.

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    First of all, NEVER do a 50% water difference. Don't do some thing over a forty five%, and that is simplest when it comes to an emergency. 50% water alterations will simplest strain out the micro organism within the tank, doing extra damage than well. (You desire the micro organism within the tank.) Stick to a million-two 20% water difference(s) per week. Depending on how messy your fish are. The cloudy water is simplest due to the fact your tank will cycle. In an afternoon or 2, it might have cleared up. It will take 6 weeks for the tank to thoroughly cycle. The cloudy water will come again a couple of occasions for the duration of your cycle. It's not anything to be harassed approximately. Also: NEVER upload any chemical to the water that says to "transparent" the water. These chemical substances simplest masks the disorders, they do not repair them.

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    for a better result . move the babies to another tank with the same water of the 1st tank .... then clean your filter very well and add cotton balls then do a water change about 10 percent daily (3 or 4 days) to not exhort your mollies

    don't forget to feed you tiny fish every 4 hours and keep the water clean by using a sponge filter

    Ps : breeder to raise young is not a good idea better bring a little tank

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    Acurel f will fix it!

    cloudy water can be from...

    Over feeding

    to many fish

    or to big fish

    dont do enough water changes or clean the tank

    the cloudy water wont hurt your fish unless your ammonia, nitrite's, nitrate's are high!

    good luck!

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    Its fish sperm

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