What is the best champion that cost 450 or 1350 IP on league of ledends?

whos good for 3v3

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    9 years ago
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    3v3? It depends on you. Are you a melee, AP, tank, support, or carry type of player? If you are:

    Melee: List (450 IP): Master Yi, Nunu the Yeti Rider. Best: Master Yi

    Ability Power: List (450 IP): Annie the Dark Child, Ryze, Soraka the Starchild. Best: Annie the Dark Child or Ryze

    Tank: List (450 IP): Poppy the Iron Ambassador. Best: Poppy the Iron Ambassador

    Support: List (450 IP): Kayle the Judicator, Soraka the Starchild, Best: Kayle the Judicator

    Carry: List (450 IP): Ashe the Frost Archer, Sivir the Battle Mistress. Best: Ashe the Frost Archer

    Melee (1350 IP): Dr.Mundo the Madman of Zaun, Evelynn the Widowmaker, Garen the Might of Demacia, Jax the Grandmaster at Arms, Nasus the curator of sands, Sion the Undead Champion, Tryndamere the Barbarian King, and Warwick the Blood Hunter. Best: Garen or jax or Tryndamere

    Ability Power (1350 IP): Alistar the Minotaur, Cho Gath the Terror of the Void, Fiddlesticks the Harbringer of Doom, Morgana the Fallen Angel, Singed the Mad Chemist, Twisted Fate the Card Master, Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil, and Zilean the Chronokeeper. Best: CHo Gath or Singed or MOrgana.

    Tank (1350 IP): Alistar the Minotaur, Amumu the Sad Mummy, Cho Gath the Terror of the Void, Dr. Mundo the Madman of Zaun, Garen the Might of Demacia, Malphite the Shard of the Monolith, Singed the Mad Chemist. Best: Alistar or Amumu or Cho Gath or Garen or Singed.

    Support (1350 IP): Alistar the Minotaur, Janna the Storm's Fury, Taric the Gem Knight, Zilean the Chronokeeper. Best: All of them

    Carry: (1350 IP): Teemo the Swift Scout, Tristana the mergling gunner. Best: Teemo

    Out of all of these, I would pick: Cho Gath, Garen, Singed, Amumu, Alistar, Ashe, kayle, Annie, Ryze, and morgana.

    For 3v3, pick Garen, singed, ashe, kayle, annie, ryze, and morgana. Cheers.

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    5 years ago

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    9 years ago

    It depends on your play style. Master Yi is good. I'm not sure if Garen is still on sale for 1350 IP but if so I would definately get him. If you're more into magic then Ryze is a good choice. If you like ranged then get Teemo. I love him (notice the profile pic).

    Source(s): Personal experience in the game
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    4 years ago

    Best 3v3 Champs

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