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I think I love my best friend, how can I tell?

Never before have I felt this way about someone. When I go to sleep, I know I'm

Gonna dream about her, and I think about her all the time! This Christmas I want to

Give her a kiss under the mistletoe, but I don't know if I should... What do all of

You think? We've been best friends for 2 years, and people say we're gonna end

Up together someday. We've always laughed that idea off, but I've realized that I'm

Never as happy as I am when I'm with her. She just broke up with my friend, but he's

Gonna let me pursue her. Now that she's single, I really really really really want to

Let her know how I feel! I'm just kind of afraid of ruining our friendship. What do

You guys think I should do? I want her to be my girlfriend, but I don't want to be let

Down if she says no...And it could ruin our friendship...

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    .Mention casually that your beginning to have romantic notions about her and you find yourself thinking about her all the time.Judge her reaction to this and act accordingly

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