This girl is really really driving me crazy!!!!!!!?

So I have a long term girlfriend. We've been together for 3 years and recently got an apartment together. We're both 21. There's this girl that works with me and we're pretty good friends or have become good friends over the last 5 days anyway. We've been txting every day for the last 5 days for like 2-3 hours a day. And we always joke at work. I'm starting to feel like this girl may be special. Me and my gf haven't been getting along great in the last while. Problem is my gf makes really good money and I don't nor would this other girl because we work at the same place. But she's very dedicated to her job and seems too not have much time for me anymore. She also plans to move to another city in the nextt year or so because of her job and I really don't want to move away! Also this other girl is 3 years younger then me. But when we txt and joke I feel really good and happy! Everytime I see her my heart literally races. A I look forward to going to work just to see her! I mean my girlfriend is great and loves me but she's really moody and up and down and a little selfish/spoiled and complains/nags me ALL the time. This other girl isn't interested in me or if she is she's not making it obvious but all I have been able to think about is her and talking/hanging out with her. Part of me wants to wait it out and see what happens and part of me wants to just tell this other girl how I feel and go for iit! This girl is driving me nuts! Like I delibrately go where she is just to talk to her. What do I do here??????

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well i think u need to back off on your co-worker because you dont even know if she feels the same for you. even if u were to ask her how she felt, i think if u r a loyal boyfriend, you will have a hard time living with the guilt and the possible rejection from your co-worker.

    you are infatuated with your coworker but you have to realize that this is not the person you love. so you have to try your best not to fall in to a deep hole because you r head over heels.

    if you are unhappy in your relationship, just talk to your gf or tell her you need space. you are young and so you should be free to take some time and space to think and decide for what you would like to see in your future too.

  • 9 years ago

    Before you do anything else, you need to sit down and block the girl from work out of your mind and examine just you and your girlfriend's relationship. Ask yourself questions like "WHY, is she moody? Have I been giving her the attention she deserves? Do I see myself with her 20 years from now? How do I really feel about changing cities? Am I just in this for the $?" These are tough questions to ask but you need to do that for your own happiness.

    Once you answer those type of questions for yourself then you need to have a sit down talk with your girlfriend. Don't avoid it or put it off, she is in a relationship with you and she deserves to hear how you really feel, good or bad. If you end up staying together Great and if not then that is ok too!

    IF you do end up splitting, then AND ONLY THEN should you go for the girl at work.

    Remember: for every person that is unfaithful, there is someone else (who is usually innocent) that ends up hurt for no reason.

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    9 years ago

    Give it more then 5 days dude, give it at least a month

    have some pudding and mull it all over n your head, youll find your answer in the pudding

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