Question about removing tint from car's window?

I bought my car a few months ago, and it had a cheap tint job done to it by the previous owner. The shop that did the window tinting used superglue to adhere the vinyl onto the dot matrix on the back window. My question is what would be the best way to go about removing the superglue? I already got the vinyl off, and I got as much of the glue off as I could with a razor blade. There is still glue in between the dots though. It looks terrible, also I don't know if it matters, but my car has the rear defroster lines running through the back window.

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  • Mike F
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    9 years ago
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    Try steaming off the adhesive and use ammonia based solvent to remove remaining glue.

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  • Gary
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    9 years ago

    Yes it matters if you cut or break defroster wires, won't work and will have to replace rear window. Try a hobby shop they carry instant glue remover or try acetone. You'd have been better off taking to auto tint shop for removal, they have correct products to remove tint. Never heard of the supergluing of tint before. To remove tint and clean glass should use warm soapy water and peel off slowly so you don't mess up defroster wires.

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  • kinzer
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    4 years ago

    PLEASE DON"T have it professionally completed.yet once you may desire to do iy your self pass to an vehicle physique grant shop and get a gallon of laquer thinner(tell them you go with the cheap stuff or "wash thinner" and a good number of will additionally desire some single ingredient razor away with your door panels and peel the tint off with a razor blade now take a rag and moist it with thinner then wipe the glue on the window to soften it.Now take a razor blade and scrape as lots of the glue off as you may then take your rag and moist it returned and freshen up the left over quickly as you think of you have each and every of the glue off sparkling the glass with some wndex.I assure you there'll nevertheless be some glue there so take a sparkling rag moist it with the thinner and see sparkling the left overs,now sparkling with windex returned.THis job is a great mess and exertions in intensity so think of two times till now getting into it.with a bit of luck by potential of the time you do each and every of the section glass you have the draw close sufficient to be very careful once you do the returned and windsheild to no longer drip thinner in each and every single place.additionally you will wana positioned on some heavy duty latex gloves...stable success

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