5 month old craniosynostosis?

My 5 month old has craniosynostosis with all sutures involved. His head is flat on top, wide in back, long. It has a ridge on his forehead, ridge across from ear to ear, large bumps in back. bulging over the ears, and his head is now slightly larger on tge left side in all directions. His head is in the 95th percentile Nd heighys is 25th percentile. He has no developmental delays and is a very alert, happy, and active baby. He has no other deformities. We are supposed to go see a pediatric neurosurgeon ASAP. What could have caused this? Any referrals for a Dr.?

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    a friend of mine's baby has the same condition he had surgery a few months back and has a number of problems that i don't know if they were prior to surgery of came about after wards but he is almost a year old and very delayed. but over all a very happy baby.

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