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How will removing a tree impact house price?

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    That would depend on where the tree is located? Does it provide shade for the house, which will make ur utility's bill . It could block some views , but if u wait a year it will be bigger and change the look of the tree. U will miss the fall color change of the leaves, but then again u wont have to rake them. Trees can be a benefit and all so a pain at times. To me all trees, provide shade, when its so hot.

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    If it is an undesirable trashy or sickly tree it would be better to remove it - its removal may not actually add value to the house but it won't subtract value. To be honest, only savvy people really bother to consider the health of the trees on a property though and bargain with the price to compensate for tree work, which can be really expensive if there is a lot of work needed. If it is a healthy quality tree, it can add thousands of dollars to your property value. HOpe that helps, you didn't give many details.

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    Generally removing a tree lowers the value of the property.

    Trees are attractive, provide shade, help with the cooling, and if you've made a habit of ignoring the leaves, save you the unnecessary expense of mowing useless turf.

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    depends on the tree, condition, location, etc. if the tree is dying/dead, or an eyesore, it will obviously help. probably not increase the value of the house, but will def help sell it

    also, if the tree is too close to the foundation of the house, it needs to be removed anyway. over time, the roots will damage the foundation

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