my son has diarhea plz help?

my son started getting diarhea yesterday. he had 3 diarhea diapers. today he had 3 normal ones and 2 more diahrea diapers. this isnt normal, he's never had diarhea its like pure water & he never poops more than twice a day normally so do yall think i should bring him to the hospital beings that its already too late to get him into his pediatrician before the weekend? could he have a virus or is it because he's teething? i started giving him pedialyte but he's throwing it up. he's not used to having just a thin liquid in his bottle bc he throws up out of his nose so his pediatrician told me to give him rice cereal since he was 2 months old. he's almost 6 months old now if that helps. does anybody know what i should do? my step mom said he's fine since he had 3 normal poo diapers but i dont think so. what do you guys think???


* yes i am going to consult a dr. i just need to know now if its urgent or if i should wait it out over the weekend. this is my first baby, i dont know what to do! should i freak out? no.. idk. i just know that my mom told me my brother had 1 diarrhea diaper and she took him in to the dr and he was dehydrated. and im scared because he's not holding the pedialyte down.

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  • 9 years ago
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    NO MORE MEDICINE!!! consult a doctor if your really concerned... Wait it out for a little bit, and make sure he gets on a regular feeding schedule. I suggest u wait til this weekend is over, and if it continues, see your local doctor

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